Consultations focused on the issue of carbon footprint, development of LCA studies, EPDs and sustainability reporting.

Life Cycle Assessment – LCA

LCA studies are analytical tool for evaluating environmental impacts of products, servicies, technologies and/or whole companies. LCA studies are base for Environmental product declarations based on 14025.

LCA studies are essential for internal improvement, external public relations and for B2B and B2C comunications.

Output of LCA is a set of environmental indicators like carbon footprint, water footprint and othe environmental related informations.

Reasons to do LCA for your products, servicies, technologies and/or organization

  • Carbon footprint of organization
  • Carbon footprint of a product
  • Lower costs. Understanding full life cycle cost can reveal that approaches that had seemed less costly are actually more costly.
  • Brand enhancement. Increase revenues. Respond to customer inquiries.
  • Companies should be strategic about which products they choose to analyze with LCAs.
  • Companies have repeatedly declare they are investing in LCA “to get ahead” of regulatory requirements.
  • Life cycle assessment has emerged as the foundation of environmental labeling and environmental claims about products. Product manufacturers may be dismayed by the proliferation of environmental labeling schemes.
  • Rising Expectations for Transparency. Quantitative basis for corporate sustainability.
  • Strategy and risk management. Some companies use LCA to get a better understanding of their dependence on critical raw materials, the availability of alternative sources and the impacts of those sources, and their exposure to interruptions in supply.

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